The Vulgar History of Atlanta is a comedy in two acts. We look into the dark, turbulent waters out of which rose the mighty phoenix that is Atlanta. Topics include Terminus, our first tavern, and even the unqualified success known as Marta. Join us, won't you?

Hear us talking about the show on City Lights with Lois Reitzes here.

Presented by Village Theatre. Written and Directed by Jim Hodgson, founder of the Atlanta Banana and host of Atlanta Explained.

Cast: Kevin Goreham, Dina Karl, Kirsten Krehbiel, Jaymi Curley, Devon Tully, Courtney Overcash, Sara Bresee, and Andrew Van Deventer


Remember those Olympics?

Did you know that the wacky waving-arm inflatable tube men you see all over the world were invented for the 1996 Olympics opening ceremony? Yeah. You're welcome, world. Try running a used car lot without Atlanta, am I right?

Watch a documentary on their creation by Great Big Story here.

The 17th St. Bridge is Green?

The 17th street bridge almost didn't get made because Atlanta was forbidden to build city infrastructure at the time thanks to having unclean air. But the Atlantic Station developers got the bridge made by arguing that it would actually reduce traffic.

Stick it to the EPA by driving over the 17th street bridge as often as possible in the largest car you own. You'd probably better smoke a few cigars as well.

Read the EPA's report on the program here.

The historic 2014 snow fall and demon summoning

Did you know that in February of 2014 a historic Atlanta snowfall caused city council members to be trapped in a downtown office building without food or water for two days? The scene devolved into violence, bloodshed, cannibalism, and ritual sacrifice.

The city council later decriminalized marijuana as an apology to the city, but the hellspawn summoned in the council's chambers still roam the city, smashing windows and peeing in stairwells.